Tawasol International Investments is an independent private investment firm that has been successfully investing in companies for over 20 years. Since its founding in 1997, Tawasol International Investments has invested more than $2.5 billion in private equity and private debt capital on behalf of its funds and co-investors . We have a team of experienced investment professionals and Senior Advisors .


Our specialist team of asset managers seeks out research, locally and globally. The goal is to determine economic outcomes in the medium- to long-term. A wide range of asset classes is assessed. Drivers and sources of returns are evaluated. In-depth understanding is sought. This insight into the fundamentals of each asset class is then used as the basis to construct and manage the different portfolios for our clients, over time. Markets may change, but our objectives remain consistent.


As your wealth management partners, it’s our job to make sure your money is invested smartly. But, we also consider the next generation. Our team of fiduciary specialists works practically, devising a strategy that includes your will and any trusts. We span jurisdictions – local and international – ensuring that all legal and tax requirements are taken care of. The aim is to craft a solution that’s sustainable and relevant for you and your family.


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Our Mission

Our potential investments are analysed in accordance with the very highest ethical standards. We encourage total transparency.

We work as a team to provide our investors with the best possible returns. We endeavour to create a working environment that helps us attract and hold onto professionals that share our values.

Financial returns are extremely important but they do not represent our sole aim. We seek to have a positive and long-lasting impact on our environment and community.

We trust our people in full and are absolutely convinced that all team members need to play an active part in the business. Our professional environment allows us to carry out creative initiatives that are highly appreciated.

Our Clients

I am a high net worth investor, Tawasol Investments is the most transparent financial company I have ever invested with.

Design Home Consultants

They take their fiduciary responsibility seriously which I have not experienced in the past 8 years of investing with other large name brand firms.

Mohammad Assem

Tawasol Investments gives me more than enough information to make me confident in their investment decisions.

Ahmed Nadi